Writing a letter, a note, or a list of things to do is becoming more sentimental in the
days of technological advances. We are more aware of the intimacy of pen to paper and how the simple
gesture to journal our day or even send a thank you card helps to keep us focused on the important
things in life. I believe that our lives are as books- many chapters, tear jerkers, happy endings, no
happy endings but most importantly-the fact that it has to be written. I believe that a woman can leave a
great impact when she is accepting of all the chapters to her story.

Meet Amy 

I've always been a writer. More of a "journal-er" . For 10 years now I would take a notebook and pen and journal my day as a way to declutter my thoughts. Now a days, I am getting more into planning  but both writing techniques have been a silent driving force in my life. There is always this power I feel as I  write, whatever I would write. A power that would connect me with myself, build my faith in self-expression, and the ability to organize the affairs of my life with ease. 


And this same power I feel, I want you to feel too. That's how Aims Moon Paperie came about in 2016- the idea was to design stationery as a tool for self-reflection and organization for women who want to stay connected to them selves, who wanted to become confident in self- expression and who want to deal with the affairs of their lives sufficiently.

Ultimately, being a woman who isn't afraid to write the stories of her life, granting other women the permission to do the same.

Meet Amy